ENEWAVE The new product of Ray System

Full function portable array sound reinforcement system


Designed by SDCT so that owned well direction coverage control

Simple modular designed for easy carrying.

Cabling free, quick set up.

Built-in 10 channels full-function mixing console for input various of microphones and musical instruments for meeting all kinds of performance speech requirements.

Built-in full function DSP processing that is including feedback destroyer and a variety of protection algorithms.  The system is stable and reliable·

WiFi streaming music playback and Internet music fully integrated.

APP full intuitive graphics operation and various modes preset for easy using.

1200W strong output to be suitable for a variety of facilities.

Widely application, flexible collocation

Ray System can form a mono system and be combined into stereo system. It is flexible and convenient for widely applying with small and medium show, band rehearsals, assembly speech, church and auditorium, conference and lectures, fitness center , hotel, exhibition center etc.