Founded in 1999 in Green, South Carolina, USA. The inception of the loudspeaker material consultant starting sound market development, until the complete product of professional audio manufacturers, products include professional sound system integration market, market, market, household and personal multimedia recording market in different areas.

ENEWAVE moved its production base to China in 2008, leaving the us with only the core R & D department.

Provide the speaker unit materials advisory from a small company is today a well-known brand has a professional product line across the board, the accumulation of fifteen years so that Enewave has a leading international DSP design team and electroacoustic design team, from the circuit design to the DSP algorithm, the complex unit from the design to the large array, the design team Enewave can do.

Bring professional technology advantages into personal consumption and home entertainment market, bringing new and new concepts and vitality to this market. We have been focused on the design and manufacture of audio systems!